66 Main Street

The 66 Main Street Site is located near the Yonkers commuter Metro North train station and downtown waterfront district. Enzone qualifying tax credits of $5.7 million leveraged $37.6 million total project investment, resulting in a green, mixed use/TOD project of: 24,000 sq ft of retail space and 170 apartments and live-work spaces (35 affordable). The building is powered by a geothermal pump power system. This project has facilitated other redevelopment in the surrounding downtown neighborhood, including bars and restaurants. The developer is also implementing its next BCP project in the same area on a former auto dealership site.

Site History

The Site is situated on approximately 0.6-acres of land located in the City of Yonkers, Westchester County, New York. Prior to its recent redevelopment, the Site was commercially developed and contained a restaurant supply company with an asphalt paved parking lot. The Site is surrounded by commercially developed properties that include restaurants, light retail businesses, auto repair shops and residential properties with associated parking lots. Historic uses of the Site reportedly include mills, blacksmithing and foundry operations, paint, hardware and printing stores, furniture manufacturing and warehouse storage facilities.


Two underground storage tanks were removed from the Site and related soil/fill that contained elevated concentrations of volatile and semi volatile organic compounds and metals. Over 2000 tons of impacted soil was removed and disposed off Site. Additionally, a Site cover system was completed, resulting in the entire Site being covered with the Site building foundation and other paved surfaces. A soil vapor ventilation system is installed beneath the building foundation. The Site has met the cleanup standards for Restricted Residential use.

Client Testimonial

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Client Testimonial

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