Petroleum Spill Reporting

Reporting a petroleum spill in New York can be confusing and an overwhelming experience. There are numerous spill reporting requirements, including both federal and state laws, and federal and state regulations. These various requirements often times overlap. However, it is imperative that these spill reporting requirements be understood by environmental consultants, contractors, home and business owners, attorneys, and the like.

It is important to know when a report is required, and when one is not. Failure to properly report a spill can result in enforcement, penalties, fines, or even imprisonment, and of course could have an adverse impact to human health and the environment.

Knauf Shaw LLP has developed a helpful presentation to guide one through the various petroleum spill reporting requirements applicable in New York. It can be accessed by clicking HERE.

For more information on petroleum spill reporting obligations in New York, please contact Melissa Valle, Esq. at

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